Item review – Lon Lon bottle

Legend of Zelda is a well known game series and some fans decided to build props for other fans and cosplayers.

I originally came across the Cosplay Creator shop due to a personal note sent to me by the owner of said shop – he asked if I would be willing to pose for some of his props in one of my Link costumes. Unfortunately he chose another cosplayer for that, but I had a good look at his articles afterwards and also bought something: A bottle with Lon Lon Milk.
So – first of all: where can you buy the articles? On Amazon. You can find the Cosplay Creator shop here

As you can see they offer more than just the Lon Lon Milk, but I was looking for a prop for a Link Cosplay I am going to wear soon, and I liked the Milk bottle the best. I also looked at the fairie glasses, but a) we’re not going to take any photos in the dark and it’s only really cool if you in fact use the LED’s and b) I did not really like the look of the fairies.

So – I ordered the bottle. It reached me some days later, well packed and together with a small box of Haribo.

The bottle is made of glass and the fluid inside indeed looks like milk. It also cannot be opened easily, but I haven’t yet tried full force.

As you can see in the second picture, the paper around the glass is not perfectly even in the back and there is a tiny dent on the left side. These are minor flaws, but they still bother me a bit.

The bottle weights 798 g, so it’s quite ‘heavy’ compared to what I expected. I will probably post more pictures later of me as Link together with the bottle, but for now it rests on my shelf and does it’s job well: looking good.

To sum it up: it’s a nice add on for Cosplay pictures and for fans of the Legend of Zelda series it’s a cool prop. But there are some minor flaws which could have easily been avoided.

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