Item Review – Loki Mask


Some time ago I bought the Agent of Asgard – Loki mask from a shop called ‘Stark Enterprises’ and here is my short review about it.

(picture from )

Loki, the trickster. Loki, at least that version, belongs to Marvel. And I want to make that costume and wear it during a convention. I thought about creating the horns by myself, but as I am lacking the time right now, I looked for ways to get it made someplace. Just then Fahrlight posted a picture of her wearing these horns on her facebook and linked the creator – Stark Enterprises.

I checked their account and after some consideration, decided to give it a try. (Here’s the link to their shop: )

I placed my order in August. Then I waited.

I sometimes wrote them to check the status of my order. It usually took them a while to answer my mails, but they did and always provided me with the information I requested. In the end it was November when I finally got a not that they were shipped! (Quite some time, yes, but remember that this is a person with work and a life offering to do these props. I did not mind the wait and it was worth it. But if you want such horns and need them in a hurry, you should maybe consider making them yourself. You could also ask them if they can make them quicker for extra payment, maybe. But I did not ask, so I don’t know.)

Anyway – they finally reached me!

They were savely packed in a box and were not damaged when they reached me. I, of course, immediately had to try them on. It was a bit complicated at first, but by now I think I know what I am doing xD

Now some photos:

Here you can see the different parts it’s made of. You have an elastic band on the back, the middle part and the two side parts. They fit together like puzzle pieces. At first I was a bit scared to use pressure on them when putting it together, but it’s totally fine. I’m still being careful with them, but it’s okay. You can touch them normally.

Some detail shots to show you how it looks. As you can see – well made. The surface is really smooth and looks great!

And here’s one of me wearing it. I put on the mask and then the wig over it. I’m not yet perfectly happy with that method and I’ll try to think of a better one. But for testphotos it’s perfectly fine!

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