Mass Effect – N7 jacket from Bioware

There are many ways to show your love for a series or a game – one being awesome clothes. I bought two N7 jackets from the Bioware shop to show my love for the ‘Mass Effect’ game.

So – first things first – I bought the jacket through the Bioware store which you can access here: Shopping there is really easy, you simply pick what you want (In my case it was this item ), click on ‘add to cart’, then either continue shopping or head directly to your cart to check out. You then choose the payment method, give them your adress and wait.

They’ll send you a confirmation e-mail afterwards as well as one e-mail as soon as your items are shipped out. You usually do not get a tracking number per se, but you can request one. Shipping to Germany (with the cheapest shipping method) usually takes about 7 – 14 days, which is pretty good for me.

Payment and shipment went smoothly and the hoody arrived a lot earlier than I expected. The quality is also good and I took a couple of pictures to show you more:

As you can see it looks good overall. It’s quite heavy and warm even though it’s not very soft on the inside. The zipper closes well and everything looks well sewn.

The ‘N7’ is embroidered and thus should survive to be washed (which it did).

The red and white stripes on the right arm are sewn onto the fabric and not just glued. There is a super minor sewing mistake (the black bobbin thread is visible one time, but that’s really minor), but other than that really well done.

As you can see I ordered ‘m’, but I could have easily chosen ‘s’ in retrospect. So maybe double check the measurements they give on the homepage or, if you’re unsure, just send them an e-mail.

Here you can see some of the seams.

Also included are the washing instructions, which are fairly easy.

I really like wearing the jacket!
Now onto the second one:

Unfolded it looked like this. At first glance well done and no major flaws can be seen. Upon closer inspection, however, you can see the same sewing flaws as I already mentioned in my post regarding the female jacket.

But, as I also mentioned in the other post, these flaws are nothing major. Minor mistakes and you can easily cut off the threads on the surface. The Logo, once again, it stitched onto the jacket and looks really good.

The male jacket is also lined with a warm and soft fabric, so this one is perfect for autumn or winter. Whereas the femals jacket is not so softly lined, it still keeps me warm and is really comfortable to wear.

To sum this up:
– minor flaws
– soft on the inside and really keeps you warm
– fits well
– good material and work overall

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