Review: Wig shop Kasou on Etsy

One of my favourite hobbies is Cosplay and to complete every look one needs the perfect hair! There are numerous shops offering wigs, but today I want to present you one of my favourites: Kasou.

Kasou is a shop on Etsy where you can buy a lot of wigs!

The shop ships from China and as such you have to take into account that shipping may take a while. One example from my most recent purchase: I bought the wig on the 31st of May, on the 3rd of June the owner sent me a note that the wig is on its way to me and it reached me on the 10th of June.

So far I bought three wigs and I liked all a lot.

The wigs are rather thick and most of them are roughly prestyled and precut, and so far I was really happy with the style. I didn’t have a lot of work with them and they fit well. They are not too tight, size-wise, but it you’re unsure or have a bigger head, just send them your measurements and they sure will answer every inquiry you might have.

Every wig comes in a box and with a wig cap.


The first wig I bought was a character wig for Shishio from the game Touken Ranbu. The wig looked nice from the pictures (but you can’t always trust those), so I tried it and ordered it.


This is the wig freshly out of the package. I liked the overall styling and colour. It fit nicely and all I had to do was to adjust the fringe and cut it a bit more. It felt really full and soft.



The second wig I bought was for a cosplay from the series ‘Finder’ – and I had troubles finding a good wig colour-wise on ebay, so I decided to check Kasou again and found something.



I really liked the colour of the wig, but it proved to be a bit difficult to style. It was rather hard and didn’t really want to do what I wanted it to. But in the end I won and could wear it for some pictures.



This was the wig which looked most different from the style shown on the shop page. I still really liked it for what I had bought it, but it was a bit rough and not really thick in the back area.


Now onto my most recent buy and the one I am most content with – a wig for Noctis from Final Fantasy XV.

I have to admit I didn’t like the photos of the person wearing the wig and was quite unsure if it was really suitable for Noctis. But the pictures of the wig on the wighead looked about perfect. I chose to gamble and give it a try.

And now I am really happy that I did!


The colour looked good and again I didn’t have a lot of cutting and styling to do. The wig is not too full in the back though, so take a bit of care that no one sees your hair underneath it. But with the right styling this shouldn’t be a problem at all.



I’m really happy that I bought it and will use it for my future Noctis cosplay!



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