Dance Workshop – Shocking Party from Love Live


Last year the Animuc invited me again to hold a dance workshop, and for this occasion I chose ‘Shocking Party’ from the series ‘Love Live’.


Love Live is a series about a group of school girls who form an idol band to save their school from closing. The game can be played on the mobile and is a rhythm game which quickly gained popularity! It’s cute, the songs are catchy and it’s really lovely!




Shocking Party is, in the series, a song by a rival idol band call A-Rise. But ever since I heard this song in the anime, I really like it and when I found a video with a full choreography of it – I simply had to learn it!

The dance I tought the people during the Animuc is a mixture of the official choreography and my own ideas with some others I found in other dance videos.

Thanks so much to the convention that I was allowed to host the workshop, although the room was really horrible for such a kind of workshop! Unfortunately I had the same room the year before as well, and even though I asked for another room, I was given this one. But well, we still managed to have fun!





This is the scene from the anime I was talking about:


Unfortunately we weren’t given more, but if you search the song on YouTube yu’ll find quite some dance videos with different choreographies.

Thanks so much to everyone taking part! It was a blast dancing with you! ❤



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