Tutorial – One way to make ‘rain’ for photos

There are a lot of options to try and give photos a little extra. One of them is to take photos in rain. Or to ‘make’ rain.

We originally headed out when it was pouring, but as it was, it stopped raining the moment we were ready to leave the house.

This did not stop us however!


There is a saying ‘if it looks stupid and works, it isn’t stupid’ and I will apply this to our method here. We are by no means professionals – please keep this in mind! We are just a bunch of hobby-photographers, cosplayers and fans who try to take interesting photos.


What you need to replicate what we did:

  • A model
  • A camera
  • A photographer
  • A watering can


Basically that’s it. You can also do all of this with remote control of the camera and a fancy construction which enables you to pull the watering can by yourself. But it’s definitely easier with an assistant.



I, as a model, sat on a chair, facing the camera. The light source shone onto my face – but keep in mind that taking photos in the dark with only one direct light source will create a certain look. If you want another – take the photos in daylight or use other light sources. Our was a warm light coming from the front.

Isa, a friend of mine and the assistant in this shoot, stood on a chair and held the watering can which was filled with warm water. She poured the water over me while I tried to look as good as possible.


Actually a really simple setup – but it worked and these are some of the results!


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