Voltron Legendary Defender Season 2 Trailer

Today I spotted a link on my Twitter which brought me to a page showing the trailer for the new season of Voltron which is to air soon! This entry will have a lot of spoilers if you haven’t seen the trailer yet!

First of all where can you watch the trailer? Just follow this link: http://comicbook.com/2016/10/03/exclusive-voltron-legendary-defender-season-2-trailer-poster-and/

Okay! Let’s talk about what we see and what this maybe tells us!

“Keith, if I don’t make it out of here…. I want you to lead Voltron”

This is the sentence which made a lot of fans shudder and fear for the worst. We know the Paladins were divided and that Shiro got injured. Is the injury that grave that he fears he won’t be able to survive this? Or does something else happen? Will Keith have to try to lead the Paladins while Shiro can’t? Will he die? (Oh I sure hope not!)

We next see Keith on his lion, getting up and staring into the distance.


The blue and yellow lion fall down, into water perhaps? So it seems these two ended up at the same place, which could be wonderful for them to get closer and grow more as a team; although it’s just the two of them for now.


Next the green lion is captured and there are figures standing around it? The landing seemed to have been really rough from the looks of it.


The next scene shows Keith standing in front of the black lion, placing one hand on it. Is Shiro inside and his worried look stems from that? Or does he try to get the lion to accept him so that he can pilot it? But what happens to the red lion then? Who will pilot this one? Or is Shiro unable to do anything and Keith needs the black lion to get them out of there, as the red lion still might be damaged considerably due to fight with Zarkon?

We then see all lions flying towards the sunset?

Afterwards Lance and Hunk float somewhere, maybe on the planet where their lions crashed, looking towards some sort of city.


The next scene shows the red lion being sucked into a black hole in space?  Then the green lion lit up and someone sitting in front of it (and responsible for the light perhaps?) and then the yellow (?) lion in space, watching some giant creature floating by. Maybe this means we will get to see more from the world overall and the planets and inhabitants there are.

In the next scene we see Voltron, seemingly blocking or lifting something? So they will form Voltron again, which also aligns with what one of the team said during a panel – the Paladins end up on different planets and have to fight on their own. And we all hope to see them bonding further as a team after that! So either Shiro does survive (PLEASE!) or they found someone else to either pilot the black or the red lion to form Voltron. But I’d rather see more of the characters that were introduced in season one instead of bringing in too many new ones.


The next scene shows four lions flying to somewhere. Is that without Shiro, as it’s just four? Maybe they will have to rescue Shiro and that’s why he told Keith to lead the team?


After that we see some sort of energy beam, then the green lions exiting a portal, and afterwards the castle of lions. The next scene shows Shiro, standing in front of a screen.

Zarkon and Haggar are what is shown next, standing in front of a big glass, looking down to another planet maybe. The next scene shows Zarkon’s ship (which totally reminds me of the Reaper in Mass Effect now) in a storm in space? Then a Galra ship attacking a planet or settlement. The Galra robots marchings towards the viewer and Shiro, bowing down (maybe caught again?) and sweating, being in pain?

Maybe this scene could also mean he has to obey Zarkon without wanting to and this is why he says those words to Keith? That’s also why he walks away at the end of the trailer. He has to. Like what Haggar hinted at him planned to be their greatest weapon? That would result in the rest of Team Voltron having to fight their black Paladin, which would surely be very emotional! (as long as he comes back in the end, I’m kinda fine with this option)

Then we see the Galra, who helped Team Voltron in season one, peeking around a corner, a worried look on his face.


We then get another look at Zarkon’s ship and a foreign planet and then the blue lion, if I saw correctly, attacking the ship. Next Zarkon stands there, simply watching at the universe dashes past. Next the castle of lions shoots a beam at something we cannot see and then we finally see Allura, looking not pleased at all and someone getting up in front of her. Next we see an unknown person, wielding a blade quite skilfully.

So there will be at least one new character? Who that will be? Well, we’ll have to wait and see.

Next is Hunk, fighting, then Lance, talking and shooting, then Pidge attacking. Next is Keith piloting one lion and Voltron destroying something. If the scene with Keith and Voltron are connected, it could once again point to him momentarily leading the team and piloting the black lion. But again, who will then pilot the red lion? I find the thought difficult to introduce a character who will pilot the red lion for a moment and work with the team. The team does have enough problems as it is already, and I see it difficult to include another Paladin all of a sudden; also taking into consideration what Allura said about the lions choosing their pilots. It can’t be so easy to just switch lions.

But it could also just be Keith doing something as the arm of Voltron. We will see.

The next scenes first show Lance’s face, then Hunk, then Pidge, Keith and then Voltron. Shiro’s missing from this scene, though. So once again a hint to him momentarily being away?

The last scene shows Shiro, slowly walking away from the viewer and Keith shouting his name. Does he have to go to do something?

The scene then flares to white and we see the logo.


There are a lot of scenes which can be interpreted in different ways. But I have some hopes and wishes for the next season:

  • The team bonding
  • More character development for each of them
  • No changes to the team
  • Please let Sendak return
  • I want to see more of the Galra, how everything works, what their life is like
  • I want to see more of the world and space
  • I want to see more of Zarkon and Haggar and get some background information about them
  • Will Pidge find her family?
  • Will we find out what happened to Shiro and how exactly he managed to escape like that?
  • What happened with the old Paladins?
  • Is Keith half Galra? And if he is, why does he look human?
  • Who is the Galra that helped them and why did he do it? Is he King Alfor? Is he Keith’s father?
  • And I just want the Paladins to be happy and most of all alive!
  • And there’s no Coran in the trailer?

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