Voltron Legendary Defender

Voltron Legendary Defender is a series which aired this year and gained a big community of fans in a really short time. A second season has already been announced and will air soon! Which is brilliant, because the first season ended on a really mean cliff hanger! [There will be Spoilers!]



The series is an American animated series, and is produced by Dreamworks and viewable on Netflix. It is a reboot of a series called Beast King GoLion, which was an anime, and the voltron series. I have no knowledge about these predecessors, and never knew they existed at all. This easily tells you that no knowledge of these other series is necessary to enjoy Voltron Legendary Defender.


Now, what is it about?

It is about humans who become the Paladins of Voltron, each of them piloting a Lion robot, and with all five of them they can form a big robot called Voltron. They soon learn that this Voltron is a legendary warrior who many put their faith in to free them from the grasps of the Galra empire, an alien race who rule about most of the universe. The Paladins now have to decide if they will give up everything they have known before to fight a battle for the future of the universe.





The main characters of the series are these:

The five Paladins:

  • Shiro, aka Takeshi Shirogane, who is the head of Voltron and the pilot of the black Lion, the leader of them all. He got captured by the Galra empire and had to fight on their ships for survival. He lost one arm presumably during one of these battles which was replaced by a Galra manufactured one. He is a strong and charismatic leader, but he also suffers from memory loss and shows clear signs of PTSD.
  • Keith, the pilot of the red Lion. He obviously knew Shiro from the academy on earth, but we don’t get any details about this during the show. He lives alone and has a problem with authority, is impulsive, but a brilliant pilot and a skilled fighter. There are hints throughout the series that he is at least part Galra (main aspect that he is able to start a Galra engine with his hand on a screen while it is always highlighted that they need Galra tech for anything Galra related.)
  • Lance, the pilot of the blue lion. He is at first a self-proclaimed rival to Keith, with him not even remembering who he was at first. He is cocky and a ladies-man, flirting with everyone who seems available, and he never stops trying to woo Princess Allura. He is somewhat the comic relief of the series, totally reminding me of Sokka from the Avatar series.




  • Hunk, the pilot of the yellow lion. He is a sweetheart, who loves food and in the beginning always has to throw up, especially when Lance pilots a ship he is on. He is also a nerd and very knowledgeable when it comes to little gadgets and he is the first of the Paladins who really takes the mission to save the galaxy to heart.
  • Pridge, aka Katie Holt, the pilot of the green lion and the tech specialist of the group. We later find out that Pidge is actually Katie and the sister and daughter of the rest of Shiro’s team when they flew out to explore Kerberos, one of Pluto’s moons. She hides as Pidge in the academy, trying her best to find out what actually happened to her father and brother.




The crew of the Castle of Lions:

  • Princess Allura, who is one of the last survivors of the alien race called the Alteans. She slept for 10000 years and was awoken by the Paladin’s appearance in the castle. She is compassionate and tries to do her best in saving the galaxy from the Galra empire.
  • Coran, the royal advisor, a bit of a goofy man with a great beard. He takes it upon himself to teach the Paladins and is always there to assist, even if it puts himself in danger.




The Galra Empire:

  • Sendak, who is one of Emperor Zarkon’s loyal followers and tries to capture Voltron for him. He is very ambitious and ruthless, but ultimately underestimated the Paladins which costs him dearly. (I personally hope we will appear in the second season as well!)
  • Emperor Zarkon, the leader of the Galra Empire and the former black Paladin. He is strong, very strong and set on capturing Voltron, the presumably only weapon in the galaxy able to defeat him. But during the last 10000 years he managed to control most of the universe and the Galra respect him dearly.
  • Haggar, the leader of the Druids and a capable witch, also Zarkon’s advisor, is a strong opponent and seemingly had the plans to originally use Shiro as her weapon and she seems responsible for his mechanical arm.




There are other characters as well, but these are the most important ones. I also won’t give a detailed episode list and description, as there are already a lot to be found out there. If you want to, however, I can write a post about the episodes, taking probably too many screenshots in the process 😉


Most of the soundtrack can be listened to on YouTube:




The first episode is actually the first three in one – and the longest, introducing the Paladins and showing how they found their lions, built Voltron for the first time and fought the Galra. The rest of the series shows how they slowly start for form a team and realise how much of a force Zarkon and the Galra empire really is. The first season ends with the team being separated and the viewers are left with a really big cliff hanger! Fortunately enough the second season will be here soon!

I found out about the series due to some people on Twitter telling me how awesome it was. I was curious, so I started to watch it too and… heck, I loved it. It’s a bit of Power Rangers in space, which I absolutely love. Interesting characters, good heroes and absolutely awesome bad guys. I admit I have a weak spot for good villains, something most series are lacking. And Voltron has it. And that’s why I hope Sendak will return the second season and we will see more of Zarkon next season as well.

There are a lot of snippets of information the viewers are not given. How exactly did Zarkon manage to survive that long? What are the Druids? How is the structure of the Galra empire? Why do they have these robots? What happened with the old Paladins? Why didn’t Allura tell the others that Zarkon was the old black Paladin? Is Keith really part Galra and why does he look human? How does he know Shiro and what’s their past? And so on and so on.




Of course it’s nice to leave some of these to the fan’s imaginations, but I really hope some of these questions will be answered the next season.

And please don’t kill anyone of the main characters!




Voltron has 11 episodes, is available in English (with the voice cast doing a fantastic job!) and if you like Avatar the last Airbender, Korra, or Power Rangers this might be a series for you.



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