My time as an orga member of the YaYuCo

For the last five years I was an orga member of a convention called ‘yayuco’ which takes place this weekend as well. This is my story of the last years, what I did, what I saw and everything in between.

It all began in 2005 when a friend of mine suddenly came up with the idea of a convention. At first I didn’t really do much, but promised to help as much as I could. I was there during the weekend, and helped wherever needed. I carried tables and chairs around, sold tickets and a lot more I don’t even remember anymore.

I kind of skipped the next years as I was too busy with life and other things. In 2010 I then returned, but this time I sat down with My and discussed how I could really help her as she was still managing that convention all on her own, which I thought was far too much for one single person to handle. Fortunately she accepted my help and for the next couple of years I turned from a helper to an organiser.

I still carried around tables and chairs and helped with setting up everything. I asked friends to help as well (and most did! I am still really grateful! You are awesome!), some were only there for one convention, others stayed far longer.

I tried to create an amv competition, but unfortunately there were hardly any videos sent in. So I instead changed the competition to an amv-hour for which I also collected videos and asked every single creator for permission to show their video during the convention. I always tried to have a good mix of music and new/classic videos.

I contacted the awesome people from Arcade Dreams and they turned the GamesRoom into something really cool which grew with every year! By now they are a fix part of the convention and I’m really grateful that they agreed to help!




I also changed parts of the programme of the convention and before I write about that, I want to thank everyone who ever took part in a show I created or a workshop I held! It was awesome due to all of you and I hope you had a lot of fun! Be sure that I had and your smiles were the best payment I could ever ask for!



Mister/Miss YaYuCo is a show I brought to the YaYuCo. The participants were given 30 seconds of an unknown song (ranging from stupid funny songs to Disney solos) and an area where they could freely move around. They then had to make the audience cheer as loudly as possible, because the one with the loudest cheers would win this contest! Later we created a winner package as well and introduced crowns for the Mister and Miss! I always wanted to host this one in one of the rooms, mainly due to the acoustics. But unfortunately during my time, the boss always preferred this show in the hallway where everyone could see it, so I could not hold it in the room with the stage as often as I wanted to.  I also chose the songs personally and cut them, but fortunately always had help with playing them as I also moderated this show!
Sorry for every time the music was too silent, but I hope overall you all had fun!



I also created various kinds of quizzes. One was ‘1,2 or 3’, a small game show where a question was shown and tree possible answers. The participants then had to jump on the field with the correct answer to receive a price. Another option was ‘Keep your Goodies’ where the participants were given a box of goodies. They now had to answer questions and had to place a certain amount of goodies on the field of the answer they deemed correct. If the answer was correct, they could keep the goodies. If the answer was wrong, they lost what they had placed on that field. What was left in the end they could keep!

The convention grounds don’t offer a lot of variety for photo shoots and thus I brought the photo wall to the convention. At first it was nothing but a big white spot you could use as a background (together with some light), but the cosplayers really liked it. I always wanted to make a picture wall like I saw it on the MCM where one booth had a fake forest consisting of a fog machine, some trees and background with a painted forest on it. But alas… the boss didn’t like my idea too much, so unfortunately I couldn’t turn this idea to reality. A bit later the white fabric was changed with coloured ones and some fake leaves were added, so that it offered more than just a white background.



I held a lot of workshops during my time there – the first being a dance workshop. I always wanted to dance together with my friends and film it, but most of my friends don’t like dancing too much. That’s why I originally had the idea for a dancing workshop – because I love dancing with others and this was the chance! Since then I did at least one dance workshop every YaYuCo, ranging from Vocaloid songs to Michael Jackson’s Thriller dance. I still hold dance workshops, and hope I will have the chance to continue to do so! =)



I also held two other workshops – one dealing with the topic how to correctly hold guitars and violins for cosplay shootings. The other was about cosplay photos with fire, which was only possible due to Beorn’s and Mel’s help! THANKS!



Robert, a friend of mine also held a workshop about LARP weapons, as I asked him to. He also helped so much, especially during build up. Thanks for lending us your muscles! He was always so calm and really awesome during the convention!



Talking about people I asked to help at the convention – Isa, Koji and Leav, Jenny, Nina – THANK YOU ALL! Isa also helped a lot at the entrance, selling tickets and basically being the information booth. Koji and Leav were also there for years, taking care of the Bring & Buy. They reformed the Bring&Buy system, decorated the room with new ideas every year and did their best to sell everything. Thanks for the hard work during all these years you awesome people!



The Cosplay Auction was a show I wanted to add as soon I read that the local pet shelter was in dire money problems and I wanted to help. But with just me alone, I couldn’t do much. Fortunately My thought this was a good idea and tadaaa – the cosplay auction was born. People could add themselves to a list and then later I would try to auction them off. People bid real money and in the end the money would go to the pet shelter. The first year we didn’t get that much, only about 100€. But last year, wow, we were able to give them 1000€! This was so amazing! I won’t deny that hosting this show was exhausting, but so rewarding in the end when I knew that everyone had fun and that I was able to help!

I did not just plan things for the event and hosted them there, though. Before the convention I talked about everything with My, visited the place, checked food plans, planned decoration and especially themes. Since a while every YaYuCo has a certain theme and together we thought of a lot of ideas. Mel and I had the most ideas, and the last ones and the current one were our ideas as well.



I also managed the Convention’s social media accounts, wrote most texts for the homepage and answered many e-mails! =) I took pictures for the convention’s Facebook, made collages. Most of the texts you still find on the homepage or the social media accounts are from me. One year I even painted the entry buttons and last year I drew the header for the homepage.

Apart from writing the cosplay rules, I also hosted and planned cosplay contests. The one which stayed during the last years was the so called ‘Cosplay Parade’ where people went on stage, took a couple of poses and then left. No performance was needed for that one. I also was judge together with one or two other persons and it was always really fun seeing all these cool costumes up close!

2015 was my last year and a short while ago I also stopped being the one responsible for the Social Media Accounts.

It’s time to say goodbye to the YaYuCo. Thanks for all the amazing experiences I could gather there! And thanks for all the nice words during my time there, for all the encouraging words, for all the tips and tricks people told me and just for everything. I won’t return to the convention and it was really fun while it lasted.


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