[Convention] Epiccon 2016

For the first time ever the Epiccon opened its doors in Frankfurt, Germany. But was it a worthy holder of the name ‘epic’, or did it fail to deliver?

We drove to Frankfurt with one of the exhibitors, and as such we always walked in through the back door. Due to this I can’t say anything about the parking situation for normal visitors, nor the entrance procedure.

We had bought our tickets in advance through the homepage, went to the front exit on Friday to let the staff scan the code and then both got a stamp on our hands so that we could re-enter. These stamps, however, were not really the best, and barely visible from day one on. The dealer’s tickets also ripped a couple of time, so I hope the next time they will invest in better tickets, maybe wristbands?



The event overall took place in hall 3 of the Frankfurt fair grounds. Visitors could shop to their heart’s content, and I really liked the goods offered. There was also the option to play laser tag, check out the artist’s alley, look at cool Ghostbusters, Star Wars and Transformers cosplayers. The upper area hosted the rooms for the workshops and panels and was a good area for potential photos.





The food on the premise was better than I’m used to, but quite overpriced. Especially the drinks were far too expensive.





They also had two stages, with cosplay contests being hosted on one of them. Bands played and international cosplay guests were present for photos and autographs. Near the artist’s alley, visitors could also find a small asian area. The concept was interesting, but it was a bit small and seemingly randomly placed into the hall.





On Friday it was really empty and I have to admit that I was almost bored. Saturday and Sunday were fuller and I was able to meet a lot of friends there. The panels and workshops were interesting. I saw one of Leon Chiro’s panels and it was really motivating! Some of the laptops had their problems with working properly and there was one incident that was handled really well by the organisers of the event so hardly anyone took even notice.





I hope that the artist’s alley will be larger next time and maybe it would be a good idea to place the stages in one corner of the hall, as the music coming from them was sometimes uncomfortably loud.

It was not bad for the first time, but there is definitely room for improvement.



So – was it truly an epic con?

It was not epic, but it has good foundations and if they work on improving, they can surely be epic one day!


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