Review – Iwatobi jacket from Cosplaysky

(This is a review of a product I bought myself, but it can be considered as an Advertisement; I do not get any money for this, nothing sponsored, just my own opinion of something I bought with my own money) Cosplaysky is an online shop where one can buy entire costumes from series, movies and games. I follow cosplaysky on Facebook and once in a while take part in one of their giveaways, which I have never managed to win so far.

I read a lot of positive reviews about their costumes, so I wanted to see for myself and decided to buy something!

A jacket from the anime ‘Free!’


Buying from them is really easy. You can either roam their homepage or search for specific items. When you managed to find something you like, you either pick one of the given sizes or you can give them your measurements and have everything made after them. Just note that this option does cost extra!

For this jacket I chose one of the available sizes – leaning towards the bigger one. Because, as it always is, given sizes never match yours perfectly. And I learned to usually pick the slightly larger one, just in case.

I paid and soon received an e-mail, confirming my order. Briefly afterwards I got another mail notifiying me that my order was shipped. And then I waited.

The jacket reached me savely and I of course immediately tried it on. As suspected, it was a bit too big, so I did a bit of sewing.



As you can see it is really well sewn. Everything looks neat and well done. The fabric is just a bit see-through, so be careful what to wear underneath.


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