Assassin’s Creed – the movie

I was finally able to watch the Assassin’s Creed movie! I love the games and have played some of them, so I had some expectations and fears. [This entry will be full of spoilers obviously]

The movie does not re-tell the story of one of the games, which I actually found sad. Some of the games have amazing plots and they would make a good movie for sure. Some people, however, are not fond of movies simply re-telling the game.

The movie tells the story of Cal Lynch, a man who lost his mother to his father when he was a young boy. The viewer follows him to a prison where he was sentenced to death for killing another man.
Death, however, doesn’t get him that easily!
Cal wakes up in an Abstergo facility where he meets others and most of all Dr. Sophia Rikkin, who tells him that he is now part of a program that aims to find out how to get rid of the genetical inherited violence in humans. To find the one thing, said to host the necessary data, Cal needs to enter the Animus. This machine enables him to relive parts of his ancestors life who was the last known person to possess the ‘apple of Eden’, an artefact Sophia needs to change the human genetics.

Her father, openly supports her research, but also had his own plans of using the apple to control humans. He aims to get rid of the free will and join his fellow Templars as a ruler of humanity.


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I really liked some aspects of the movie, but there were a lot which stopped this from being a great one.

First of all, the positive aspects:

I really liked the soundtrack.

The costumes were top-notch and I still want the coats they were wearing in the last scene!

The set was great.

I also liked the actors, and I think Michael Fassbender did a really great job.

The basic plot was good as well.

I liked the design of the Animus and the fight scenes.


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Now to the parts I didn’t like:

The overall pacing seemed off. I would have loved to see more of the other ‘patients’, more interactions. And I would have loved to see another scene with the ‘bad guy’ (the one from the guards), especially when he commented on his respect for the Assassins – there was a perfect chance to have him tell Cal if he now had gained his respect, but this scene never happened. It would also have been lovely to have them fight, similiar to the scene in the genetic memory, but it never happened.

I personally though the scene from the past in the beginning was totally unnecessary. I know that it was needed to get Cal to hate Assassins and to turn to this ‘genetically inherited violence’- plot, but.. nah. It was not necessary. And it was not necessary to include the ‘violence’ plot at all. I thought it would have been better to focus on the Templars vs Assassins. That would have been enough and less confusing.

I also did not understand Dr. Rikkin’s decision in the end. YES, I get she wants to get revenge on Cal for killing her father. Regardless of the conflicts she had with her father, she still loved him and did not want him killed. But it doesn’t make any sense for me that she then wants to deliver the apple to the elders of the Templar order. Before that scene she never agreed on getting rid of the free will, especially as she herself loves her free will and often has her own views on certain topics. But then, as her father lies dead in her arms, she suddenly wants to deliver this artefact. …why?

And, I really disliked the german translation of the text in the beginning.


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So.. to sum it up. For a game adaption it is okay. The potential was there to make a really good movie, but unfortunately it was not a good one in the end. And the main fault lies in the pacing and the story itself, unfortunately. Awesome material to work with, but they did not deliver what the trailers had me hoping for.


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