Review – Yuri Plisetsky cosplay and wig

Yuri on Ice is  a really popular series right now and I also wanted to cosplay from it! Friends of mine gifted me the costume and I chose a wig, so that I can take photos of it soon!

The costume is from the Cosplay shop Cosplay Sky, a shop I also bought costumes from in the past. The Yuri Plisetsky costume consists of trousers, a shirt and the jacket.

It fortunately fits quite well and looks good. The only downside is the print on the back, as you can see on the pictures.





I found the wig on ebay and as the preview picture looked good, I decided to give a try:




I had to cut the wig a bit when it reached me, but I didn’t have to do much. I really like the colour and the look overall, so yes I’m really content!




I now only need fitting shoes and then I’m good to go! I might try a make up video, but first we need to take some pictures!


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