[Convention] LBM/MCC 2017

Every year in march, I hop on a train and travel to Leipzig to attend the first convention of the year – the bookfair (and MCC)!

We usually travel there by train, as Leipzig is easily reachable via public transport. Then we leave the fast ICE to change into one of the local trains to reach our apartment. It’s always lovely there – the owner knows us by now and when we leave, asks us if she should reserve the upper floor for us again, and it’s great to spend the time there with friends, cooking, watching stupid series and just having fun together!


On Friday we walked there as the weather was really great and the sun greeted us warmly! There were new bag checks in front of the main entrance, but the checks always went smoothly and the staff was friendly as well. Before we reached the premise, though, rumours circulated on twitter that cosplayers had to sign into only one entry and weren’t allowed anywhere else. I then asked the official twitter account and they denied this promptly. I don’t know where this rumour came from, but it never hurts to check the official account if something arises. Don’t just share this blindly, but check if it’s true as well. Otherwise one might end up needlessly worrying others.



We took the entry to the right the first day, as Isa still needed a ticket and there was no queue at all at the separate entry for the MCC, the hall for all the comics and cosplays.
At first we took a stroll through the hall and checked out the goods before we walked outside and chose the stairs to the left of the main entrance for some photos. Later that day we walked back to the station and headed back, eating the lovely curry Leav prepared for us!



Saturday was equally sunny and together with Yoshi I wore Keith from Voltron and we chose the staircase from Friday for some more photos! Saturday was so full, though! Ungh! And so amazing costumes everywhere. The only bummer was a photographer who took up waaaay too much space with his equipment and almost blocked the path with it.
We had a day full of music and sunshine and awesome people!



On Sunday we brought along tiny Adam (from Deus Ex) and took some cute photos of him in the halls! The weather was awesome as well and we discovered another part of the fair we had not seen before, filled with food (which we promptly had to try out, of course!). We bought a couple of things before we returned to the apartment and spent a lovely and calm evening in good company!




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